Stack Overflow

This is a computational work made in Pure Data focused on the stack overflow error. The concept of this work is made tangible in two formats: sound and print.


A stack overflow error can occur in a computer program due to an infinite loop in the programming. In this work the stack overflow is intentionally programmed so to negatively affect the system. This means that with its actions in pursuing its goal and executing its task the process causes an intrinsic damage to the hardware. As well as living organism which die due to the ageing of matter, the system is programmed to be autonomous degenerative. This work comes as an executable Pure Data patch installed on SD card. The sound doesn't come from any oscillator, but is made by glitch pulses of short duratation that is the result of system faults triggered by the stack overflow. The program should not crash, anyway is not very healthy for the computer on which it's running (sic!).

Sd + Cover


The stack overflow error can be caused by either an excessive memory usage. There's a certain amount of memory reserved for the stack and when you exceed it you get a stack overflow error. In the following patches we get a stack overflow error because the process of an initial message to an object which triggers an outgoing message to another object exceeds the limit the program puts on how deeply a single message is allowed to flow in an immediate chain reaction.

980 random

107x55 cm

500 atan

58x33 cm

498 list split

14x17 cm

500 float

51x106 cm

42 moses

23x11 cm